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Blog: Add an entry to the blog on this month’s subject

  • Find out what we are talking about this month.
  • Try an activity on this topic with your group, or discuss the subject together.
  • Write about what you did, talked about or learned, and send it, along with any photos you took, to with ‘Global Conversations blog’ as the subject heading.
  • Ensure everyone in the photos has given permission for their image to be used – ask parental permission for those under 18.
  • A selection of blog entries will be posted on the site once a week – we’ll let you know if yours will be there!

Comment: Join the discussion
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  • Read the latest blog entries on this month’s topic.
  • Add your thoughts as a comment on a blog entry.

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  • Link a tweet or Facebook status to the global conversations, and start a discussion on the value we’re talking about this month. Use the hashtag #GlobalGuiding.

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