This month we're talking about:

What's going on this month?

Over the past months, we’ve been inspired and amazed by the Olympic and Paralympic Games. London 2012 has also seen some firsts – for the first time, every country has entered at least one female athlete, and the Paralympics are seeing more athletes and more spectators than ever before. This is a great push forward for equality – and equality is the value we’re talking about for our last month of Global Conversations.

This month, tell us how important equality is to you! Perhaps you’ve overcome prejudice to get where you are today, you’re passionate about equal rights for women and girls, or you’ve built bridges in your community to engage more people in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking – then send us your blog!

·        What does equality mean to you?

·        What can be done to combat prejudice?

·        Do you think everyone where you live is equal? What could be done about it if not?

·        Why is it important that we value everyone equally?

·        Do you treat everyone the same?


Things to do

·        Stand up for girls and young women – get involved in WAGGGS’ Stop the Violence campaign and make plans for the very first International Day of the Girl on 11 October. For more info on WAGGGS' involvement click here
·        Check out The Girl Effect site

·        Create a play or timeline showing the changes in female equality over the last century.

·        Play a familiar team game but blindfold or otherwise "disable" half of the members of each team. Stress the importance of everyone playing an equal role in the game.

·        Research the Fair Trade movement - perhaps hold a Fair Trade sale at your unit.

·        Do some stereotypically "boy" activities (such as woodwork, mechanics or driving go-karts), to show that girls can do just as well!

·        Play a familiar game but change the rules for some participants. How much fun is it when everyone isn't treated equally?